"I have been trading under my family name for over 15 years and have established quite a good reputation; I’m not prepared to give that up for Home Timber & Hardware signage."

One of things that make the HoME Timber & Hardware group so successful in Hardware retailing is the uniqueness of each individual store. The HoME Timber & Hardware brand is there to complement your existing brand/name, not to replace it. You can still have your business name with the added strength and credibility that the HoME brand brings.

"How much of your turnover does Home Timber & Hardware Group receive as a Membership Fee?"

Nil. HTH Group only charges a modest monthly contribution fee which is known as a Marketing Levy to cover the costs associated with Advertising. There are charges for POS & catalogues based on user pays system, i.e. you only pay for what you use. All of our fees are transparent as we don’t believe in hidden charges.

"Do you have monthly compulsory catalogues?"

Group Members have the flexibility to determine their own level of catalogue participation that best suits their market opportunity. There are 7 core events for seasonal peak periods such as July, Father’s Day, Spring, Pre Xmas, Christmas The Big One and May, as well as optional catalogues and range inserts from which to choose.

"How much capital do I need to invest?"

This very much depends upon the unique circumstances of each HoME store. If you were starting from scratch, it would be realistic to expect to invest $200 per square meter for shop fixtures and $600 per square meter for inventory. Other capital items should be discussed with a Business Manager.

"Do I have to buy shares?"

HoME Timber & Hardware Group members are not required to nor are they expected to purchase any HTH Group Shares. Your capital stays in your business.

"Can I leave if I chose to without any financial penalty?"

Yes, provided that your HTH Group trading account is within the agreed terms and the HoME Paint Agreement has expired. We have a paint agreement that runs for six years and stores that leave prior to the term will be obligated to compensate HTH Group for the outstanding amount.