Accent Colour Palette

Discover a variety of colours to suit every taste. With so many options on offer, finding the right hue for your painting project is a breeze.

Yellows & Oranges

From gentle pastels to vibrant brights, add a splash of zesty colour to your room to create a cheerful mood all year round.

Pinks & Reds

Soft marshmallow pinks through to rich reds, these colours can add warmth to any space. There are many ways to incorporate these beautiful hues into your home.


Subtle lavender, violet and deeper jewel tones are perfect for bedroom walls or to accentuate feature points in a room, creating a stylish finish.

Blues & Teals

Transform your home into an oasis with calming baby blues, tranquil teals, ocean tones or add mood with classic navy.


Explore a spectrum of green hues inspired by nature from muted limes, leafy greens to earthy olives, the possibilities are endless.


A selection of colours are available to match Colorbond, making it easy to create a cohesive look for your home.


From light silvery shades, mid-tones to charcoal, chic greys are always a popular choice. Pair grey with a crisp white for an elegant result.


Versatile neutrals provide an ideal backdrop that will complement all homes. Select from stone, beige, ivory, taupe or greige for a sophisticated look.


Whites provide a clean and simple foundation suitable for traditional dwellings or modern styles. Choose from warm or cool whites to create your desired look and feel.