Kangaroo Valley Showstopper

Cladding Specialist Turns To Enseam® For Kangaroo Valley Showstopper

Cally Mill Farm, a stunning residential rebirth project in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, has highlighted the striking visual impact possible with LYSAGHT ZENITH® architectural cladding, while also shedding light on the master craftsman responsible for the installation, Nico Heinze from specialist cladding company SRC-Professionals.

Nico arrived in Australia around 10 years ago from Germany as a qualified carpenter and roofer, and it’s the latter profession that he pursued as a career in his adopted country, working several years for others before deciding to start his own business around seven years ago, focusing on specialist installation of contemporary steel cladding. 

His direction and foresight proved to be justified, with his company’s services now being sought out by leading builders across the state, particularly those engaged in high end projects that involve more challenging applications and a close attention to detail. 

Cally Mill Farm is an excellent example of SRC-Professionals’ work, where LYSAGHT ENSEAM® in colour Monument® in Matt finish, has been applied as both roof and wall cladding to create a mansard effect. 

“When I started SRC-Professionals we did a wider scope of work with a mix of reroofs and new construction projects, but now we mainly concentrate on new architectural builds – I have a greater interest in working with architectural cladding and also found that there were fewer companies that offered the care and finish we strive for in all our installations,” Nico said.

“Cally Mill Farm is typical of the work we do. The builder, Highlander Homes, who we didn’t previously have a relationship with follows our socials and saw some of the work we’d done on another project in the area, so reached out to us.

“We took a look at the job site and learnt some more details about the build and immediately wanted to get involved – the location is stunning, and the design of the house really lent itself to ENSEAM®. We were also intrigued by the history of the site – it was once home to the original Cally Mill Farm which was destroyed during bushfires.”

Nico said that he enjoyed working with the LYSAGHT range and in particular, ENSEAM® as it delivered a striking façade coupled with low maintenance benefits and strong BAL performance.

“Given the bushland environment and fire history of the property, the new home’s BAL performance was very important. LYSAGHT® steel cladding is considered non-combustible so was an ideal material for this environment, especially when combining both roof and wall cladding,” he said. 

According to Nico, customers will often ask for his recommendations, and he has no hesitation directing them towards LYSAGHT® steel cladding.

“Rather than coming to me with set ideas about the profile or finish they want, most customers will get my input. I definitely have a preference for ENSEAM® compared to standing seam alternatives,” he explained.

“From a cost standpoint, ENSEAM® is normally more economical and I think it offers a more consistent look and added versatility – I also personally find it easier to install standing seam, as you don’t have to close the seam.”

Nico said that while some installers shied away from working with architectural cladding, he appreciated the challenges of getting involved with more complex home designs, and gained immense satisfaction getting the small details just right for his clients.

“At the Kangaroo Valley project the combination of the roof and wall cladding together in a mansard provides beautiful sharp lines and a seamless finish – when you also incorporate hidden box gutters and other details, sure there’s a bit more work involved but the end result is well worth the effort,” he said.

“Every detail counts on this type of project but after you’ve done a number it’s all quite straightforward and you can get through the work efficiently.

“Looking at the home now you get a combination of a beautiful location overlooking bushland, fantastic design and the LYSAGHT ENSEAM® that suits the build so well. I know that the owners are pleased with the result and my team and I were very happy to have worked on the project.”

Nico is also complimentary of his regular supplier of LYSAGHT® steel cladding, KFC Roofing Supplies, who provided materials for the project and were responsible for delivering the ENSEAM® to the difficult to access construction site.

Although based in Sydney, SRC-Professionals are increasingly being engaged on larger budget projects both locally and further afield – the strong demand for their services is a blessing that’s not lost on Nico.

“When I started the business I had to take the work that was available, but now we can be more selective choosing the styles of project we prefer and using the likes of ENSEAM® and other LYSAGHT ZENITH® architectural cladding – it’s definitely what we most enjoy working with.”