Buildex™ offers the best in the market, innovative fastening solutions that make the lives of trade customers and consumers easier on the job and during installation. We aim to ensure the longevity of all projects by providing high-quality screws and fasteners that are reliable to prevent rust and weathering. The job is done easily and efficiently, to a high standard, and is secured to last with Buildex™ screws and fasteners. 


Buildex ™ has been around for more than 100 years! Learn more about the brand, its history any why it is a leader in the market. 

Buildex Range

Buildex® Decking Screws screws are specifically designed for a wide range of decking applications. Fasten hardwood, treated pine and softwood decking boards to softwood and treated pine frames & joists easily and efficiently. 

Buildex® Roofing and Cladding Screws offer a versatile range to suit various applications such as fixing metal roofing to timber battens and fixing metal roofing to light metal battens. These screws are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep roofs secure. 

Buildex® General Fasteners are multi-purpose fasteners.  The innovative RapidDrive ™ technology removes the need to pre-drill, ensuring faster and easier installation.

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Buildex™ Metal SuperTec® Series 500 Screws 

Buildex Self Drilling Decking Screw

Buildex Self Drilling Decking Screw - Tradie Tips

Buildex™ RapidDrive Bugle 

Buildex™ Landscaping Screws 

Rapid Drive™ Bugle Batten Screw – Case Study

Buildex® Rapiddrive™ Bugle Batten screws were the ideal fixing for the deck on this prestigious build in NSW’s Byron Bay. Read the article to find out more about why these screws were chosen and the benefits to the final deck. 


What is a Climacoat® finish?

Climacoat® is a gray organic coating developed with a tough anti-corrosive film. Climacoat® provides optimum corrosion resistance and increases the lifespan of a fastener.

What screws and fasteners have a Climacoat® finish?

Certain products in the Bugle Batten, Treated Pine Screws, Decking Screws ranges. These products will have Climacoat® in the product title so you can easily identify them.

What is the benefit of a Star Drive?

Star Drive offers a positive engagement under high installation torque for reduced cam-out.

What are the benefits of purchasing Rapid Drive™ Treated Pine Screws over standard treated pine screws?

  • Faster & Improves Productivity
    • Twice as fast than a normal treated pine screw
    • Aggressive thread increases pull down speed and strength
  • Ease of installation
    • T25 Star Drive has positive bit engagement for one handed fastening 
    • Precision fit to reduce wobble and cam-out
  • Superior Performance
    • Climacoat® finish to prevent corrosion 
    • Serrated under head cutting ribs for a cleaner countersinking and flush finish
    • Self-drilling, even in close to edge installations 

Q: What screws are good to reduce the time to lay a deck and won’t compromise on quality?

  • The Self-Drilling Decking Screws create a balance between speed and clean countersinking. The screws are high quality and minimise the usual splitting and breakout problems of standard screws. 

  • With no need to predrill or pre-countersink, you can minimise the install time by half!

Q: What applications can RapidDrive™ Bugle Battens be used for?

Ideal for fixing roofing battens to timber rafters or fastening heavy timbers where a flush finish is required:

  • Landscaping
  • Pergolas
  • Framing
  • Boardwalk
  • Fencing
  • Furniture