Stanley FatMax

Power Tools

Do more with STANLEY FATMAX Power Tools. Built to withstand whatever gets thrown at them and backed by a 3 year trade warranty so you can do more, where ever the project takes you.

Professional Tool Performance

New & improved professional grade tools that are now even harder to beat, designed to withstand whatever gets thrown at them.

Power Garden Tools

Do more outdoors with the NEW STANLEY FATMAX cordless Power Garden Tools. A full range of 18V V20 Cordless Tools, and a high performing 54V V60 Cordless platform for the more demanding garden.

Stanley FatMax V20 Brushless Blower

Part of the 18V Stanley FatMax V20 Cordless System, the 18V Stanley FatMax V20 Brushless Blower has a high-performance brushless motor and axial fan design that provides up to 9.9m³/min and 160km/h to clear garden leaves and debris quickly and efficiently.

Hand Tools

Stanley FatMax manufactures hand tools for professionals and for those who demand professional equipment to build, make, repair, and sometimes demolish. Trusted tools used day in and day out.

The Stanley FatMax Bladearmor™ 8m Tape Measure

With 32mm blade width for clear and legible markings, is class II accurate providing a reassuring +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m, suitable formostprofessionals. Designed with anabrasionresistant polyester film coated MYLAR® blade coatingthatprovidesup to 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a standard lacquered blade.