Catalogue Specials

Adding catalogues to 'Catalogue Specials' page.

To Add catalogues to Catalogue specials page, login to the Umbraco and follow the instructions as below:

  • Click on the Content tab in the left navigation menu.
  • Hover on Catalogue Specials tree and click on the menu to its right.
  • Create window opens on the right.
  • Select 'Catalogue' icon.

  • Edit window opens on the right.
  • Enter the name of the catalogue in 'Enter the name...'field.

1. Setup tab.

  • Enter the name of the catalogue, start and end dates of the catalogue sale, unique catalogue identifier in the field provided.
  • 'Start and End' dates can be selected using the calendar widgets in the date fields.

  • Blurb: This field is a rich text editor used to add short description which is displayed on the active catalogue's page and this description will be the same for all states selected in the 'States' field below.

  • States: This field is used to add the states for which the catalogue specials apply.
  • These states will have active catalogues which can be accesses from 'Browse our catalogue' dropdown on catalogue specials page.

To add a state for which the catalogue applies.

  • States: Select a state from the states dropdown box.
  • fliphtml5link: Enter the fliphtml5link in this field, this displays the catalogue on catalogue detail page for selected state if the catalogue is active.
  • To add another state for which the catalogue applies, click on the '' button on the right.
  • A new row will be added below, select the state from the drop down and enter the fliphtml5link relevant to that state in the fields provided.

  • Click on Save and Publish to make changes live.

To reorder, change position of states.

Click on '' icon of the state, drag and drop to change the order.

Click on Save and Publish to make changes live.

To Delete a state added for a catalogue.

  • Click on '' icon of the state.
  • A Delete confirmation box appears, click 'Ok'. The state will be deleted.

  • Click on Save and Publish to make changes live.

2. Images tab.

  • Images: Images field helps to upload all the images relevant to the 'catalogue products upload' in a zip file format which will be stored in (Amazon S3 db).

  • All the images have to be uploaded here in a zip file, prior to 'Catalogue Products(xml) upload' in the 'Products' tab.
  • Any product with no images uploaded prior will not be imported.

Note: The naming convention of images that are added to the zip file should be (Item/product Number)_01.jpg.

  • The images should be JPEG images, directly added to zip file (should not be placed in folder or sub-folders.)
  • Each product can have maximum 5 images and the naming convention should be as shown below.
  • Example: 2477230_01.jpg, 2477230_02.jpg.... 2477230_05.jpg

3. Products tab.

  • Products: This field helps to upload the all products which are associated to the specials catalogue using an xml file.

Note: Please refer the Product Import page for specifications and formats before uploading the xml file.

Steps to upload xml

  • Click on 'Choose File' button, to upload the xml file from the system and click on 'Upload' button.

  • All products with images uploaded prior will be displayed in the 'Products Associated' table below.

  • Any product with no images found will not be imported and they will be displayed under 'Errors from last import' section.

  • Click on Save and Publish to make changes live.

4. Stores tab.

  • Stores: This field helps to set and display the stores participating in this catalogue sale.
  • Filter the store by each state using the 'All' dropdown, this displays list of all stores in selected state.

  • Using the checkbox select the participating stores in that state.

  • Click on Save button to save changes.
  • Click on Save and Publish to make changes live.