The Connected Home

Turning your castle into a Connected Home will give you convenience, connectivity, security and efficiency around the home. By connecting your devices you can control your home via a central Smart Hub or through a smart device like a Smartphone.

Just starting out?

Once you start the Connected Home journey you’ll be looking at every aspect of your home and how you can connect it all together. But if you’re just starting out there’s a few things you’ll need to consider:

  • What needs do you have around the home you’d like to automate or control?
  • What activities do you want to control?
  • How do you want to control your devices?

Your home connectivity needs

When starting your journey it’s best to decide what your most pressing needs are around the home. Here are some areas that might help you decide:


protect your home


automate your home


create an efficient home

Activities you want to control

Once you’ve decided what your needs are you can then narrow down to what activities around the home you want control. This will assist you in deciding what products you’ll need to connect your home.

If you’re after simple home connectivity, you might only require a Wi-Fi Router and Smart Hub to connect your devices together. If it is Home Automation that you need then products like Smart Plugs and Smart Lighting may suit.

With Home Security you may want to start out with a Smart Doorbell and Smart Locks. If you’re away from home regularly you could consider easy-to-install camera systems – all controlled from your Smartphone wherever you are.

Finally, you can consider Home Efficiency across your Connected Home. Smart thermostats and Smart Appliances like Connected Watering Systems will allow you to monitor energy and water usage across your home.


Once you’ve outlined what your needs are what you need to start your Connected Home it is a good idea to decide how you’d like to bring it all together. There are a number of technologies that you should consider so that all your devices can work easily together.

If you’re familiar with Apple devices you should look out for devices that work with Apple HomeKit. If you have an Android Smartphone or a Google Home, you should look for devices that work with Google Assistant. Alternatively, you might have an Amazon Echo Smart Hub and, in this instance, look out for devices that work with Amazon Alexa.

Works with...

Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Apple HomeKit

Brands we stock and recommend

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