Healthy Hens

03 January 2024

Healthy Hens

Keeping chickens in your backyard is one of lifes simple pleasures. Not only do they lay fabulously delicious eggs, but they are great recyclers of veggie patch greens, garden weeds and food scraps. A balanced diet for hens helps keep them healthy.  

Available in store is Red Hen Layer muesli and Lauke Xtra Egg pellets. To avoid waste and help deter unwanted visitors like rodents and birds, we recommend only feeding out what your hens will consume in a day. Ask the trade staff, and they will happily load the food into your vehicle for you.  

Be sure your hens have access to:

  • fresh water daily

  • clean nesting boxes lined with straw or with saw dust

  • a regular supply of greens, and if you are able, plant some wormwood in their run

  • plenty of shade in summer and protection from cold winds and rain in winter.  

And don't forget to give their house a clean - bedding staw and fresh chicken poop can be recycled into the compost bin (it's important chicken poo is allowed to age before using it in the garden).