Wood Heaters

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Radiant Vs Convection Wood Heaters

Convection heaters and radiant heaters use different methods to heat your home.

Radiant wood heaters radiate heat from its outside, warming the area around it. You'll feel warmer the closer you are to the heater. The "fire-like" warmth that this type of heating emits makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. For homes with little insulation, this method of heating could be more efficient because it rises less heat than convection does. Making sure combustible things are at a safe distance from radiant heaters is one thing to keep in mind. We suggests opening several doors in the space to encourage natural air circulation and a more constant, cosy temperature in order to improve performance. Using a ceiling fan is another smart move that will aid in evenly dispersing heat.

Convection heaters produce a steady heat that is frequently thought to be more even and softer than radiant heat. They function by pulling hot air from the room's floor and pumping it back into the space. Colder air enters the heater as a result of this heated air rising. Standard ceiling height, well-insulated dwellings are ideal for this cyclical process.

Free standing Vs Inbuilt

Installing a built-in wood fire heater into an existing fireplace could be something you want to consider doing. This is a sustainable option that is both economical and effective in providing you with clean heat. Installing an inbuilt fireplace into a timber-stud wall is a great way to make room for one even if you don't already have one. Avoiding a freestanding unit and using this instead is a smart way to save space at home.

Wood fire heaters that are freestanding are not positioned against a wall. This will also need to be taken into account because they will require a metal flue to be installed through the roof and ceiling. It's simple to locate the ideal freestanding heater for your interior design thanks to the large selection available.

Choose the Best Location

It's crucial to consider where to put your wood fire heater. Oversized heaters can produce a lot of smoke as they burn and lead to the accumulation of creosote, which is difficult to remove. A fireplace that is too tiny might not heat up the necessary space, overfiring the unit and shortening its durability.

The proximity of nearby combustibles to the fire heater should also be noted. When deciding where to put your wood fire, take into account the type of flooring, furnishings, window treatments, and plaster walls.


Ensure that the wood fire heater and its flue are installed appropriately by a licenced and skilled installer, adhering to safety and local council standards, regardless of the type of wood fire heater you select.

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