Non-Structural Plywood

Non-Structural Plywood, is an interior plywood C/D grade. The ‘C’ face may contain small areas of fill which is well sanded, and the ‘D’ face will contain larger areas of fill, and some creaking, but is also well sanded. C/D plywood is commonly used in domestic construction as wall panelling under floor lay, for basic boxing and temporary hoardings. Internal non-structural plywoods are available in many different species with higher grade faces upon request.

Internal Wall Panelling & Under Floor Substrate


Product Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
C/D PLYWOOD 2,400 1,200 9
C/D PLYWOOD 2,400 1,200 12
C/D PLYWOOD 2,400 1,200 15
C/D PLYWOOD 2,400 1,200 18

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