Shadowclad is a 12 mm thick wall cladding available with either vertical grooves or a textured finish. The pleasing aesthetic properties of Shadowclad makes it suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) is used to treat the sheets to a H3 level, which protects the sheets against fungal and termite attack. If a paint finish is desired, shadowclad is availabe in a proprietary preprimed, powder coated finish, or if a stain finish is required, an unprimed natural surface is available. An extensive range of aluminum flashings are available to complete internal and external corners, and horizontal joints.

External Wall Cladding & Internal Feature Walls


Finish Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Primed/Natural
GROOVED 2,440 1,216 12 NATURAL
GROOVED 2,745 1,216 12 NATURAL
GROOVED 2,440 1,216 12 PRIMED
GROOVED 2,745 1,216 12 PRIMED
TEXTURED 2,440 1,216 12 NATURAL
TEXTURED 2,745 1,216 12 NATURAL
TEXTURED 2,440 1,216 12 PRIMED
TEXTURED 2,745 1,216 12 PRIMED


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