F17 Hardwood

F17 Hardwood is a mixture of Australian hardwoods, sourced locally from certified forests and plantations. Strong, stable and straight, seasoned hardwood is commonly used as framing lintels, in truss applications, and as floor joists and wall studs. A rigorous quality control process is carried out by all our suppliers during production, ensuring only the highest quality is kept here in our racks. Solid lengths from 2.4 to 6.0 meters are available.

Sub-Floors, Wall Studs & Lintels


Width (mm) Depth (mm)
70 35
70 45
90 35
90 45
120 35
120 45
140 35
140 45
190 35
190 45
240 45
290 45

Please note: Not all stores carry a full range of timbers and claddings. Please get in touch with your local store for current stock or to get a quote.