Power Cutting & Router Bits

When you want to get stuck into your DIY projects at home, you need the right tools for the job, especially when you’re working with wood. Make light work of fancy edges and other precision cuts by mastering the art of using your router tool. But a decent wood router does much more than cut elaborate edges with ease. You’ll be able to perfect cutting flawless rabbets and dadoes and incorporate patterns into your woodwork when you use a router tool.

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A router tool is one of the most versatile portable power tools on the market. From decorative edges and trimming veneers to crafting woodworking joints, this hand held tool is great to have as a staple item in your workshop. No more chisel and hammer here: with the right router bits and power cutter, you’ll be able to execute cuts with incredible accuracy. The key to getting the cleanest edges is to use the sharpest router bit available in a counter clockwise direction for a more controllable and safer manipulation of the tool. 

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