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Planting & Growing

With Home Hardware’s range of timber and gardening materials a vegetable garden boxis bloomin’ easy to build your own.

Planting & Growing

Mulch is a natural or man-made soil covering that protects plant roots from temperature extremes and conserves soil moisture. Home gardeners have a responsibility to the environment through conservation of natural resources. Now that the ‘user pays’ billing system is fairly widespread,

Paths & Landscaping

Do you have a problem area on the border of your garden and you're just not quite sure what to do with it? Chances are the border of your garden would look great with a raised garden bed full of colour and foliage.

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Whether you've truly got a green thumb or are just trying to keep the lawn lush, Home Hardware has what you need. Our gardening store's extensive range has everything the keen grower needs to get the best results out of any plant. From garden hand tools to hose fittings and accessories and plant care products, we help you keep your garden clean, fed and watered. 

Sourced from leading brands including Yates, Earthcore and Seasol, you can rely on the Home Hardware gardening supplies collection to help you get your garden looking its very best. With products suitable for both private residential and commercial horticultural applications, we make it easy to find something that suits your property. Look after your garden with the great range of pest and weed control, compost, plant food and plant care products from Home Hardware.

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