Earthcore is a privately owned Australian brand that guarantees value and offers an array of garden products that includes a range of watering products. From Garden Hoses and accessories to the soil and fertiliser for your garden, Earthcore is with you the whole journey with you as you grow your garden.


Earthcore's Gardening Range

Garden Hoses & Reels

Earthcore has an attractive selection of hoses and storage reels for just about every gardener. Choose from our range of retractable hose reels that can be mounted securely to any wall and will pivot 180 degrees, making it easy for you to water your garden. You can also go back to the basics with our dependable and durable garden hoses.

Tap Timers & Sprinklers

Choose from one of Earthcore’s user-friendly, time-saving, and water-efficient manual or automated tap timers and a selection of sprinklers. Our sprinklers are designed to provide coverage for medium to large lawn areas, then pair it with our Automatic Tap Timers that have been designed for use on any tapping device in the garden to save on water consumption.

Nozzles, Hand Sprays & Wands

Browse Earthcore’s range of garden handheld water sprayers & wands. Choose the Earthcore premium hand spray with 7 watering patterns that will suit any watering needs, the 7-pattern spray design allows for easy application of liquids, from coarse mist to a fine stream. For hard-to-reach areas, the Earthcore 7 Spray Pattern Hand Wand is a perfect choice. And for a quick fix, grab the Earthcore Hose Nozzle to make watering your plants effortless.

Hose End Fittings

Earthcore offers a range of both 12mm & 18mm hose end fittings to suit most garden watering applications. We have universal tap adaptors that make it easier for you to install a shower on your caravan and campervan water supply. The Earthcore Hose Connector With Stop comes in handy when the water is not required, so you don't have to go back to the tap each time to turn it on and off.


Explore our range of sprayers, from basic pressure sprayers to battery powered ones. Our range of sprayers can be used with most liquid to suit your gardening needs, from watering your plants to spraying your garden with insect repellents, these sprayers are perfect for you.

Garden Care

Earthcore Garden Care products have been specially formulated for gardens throughout Australia. Our fertilisers have all the vital micronutrients and trace elements your plants need for healthy growth, or you can get our Lawn Feed As You Weed which acts as both a fertiliser and a weed killer.

Garden Storage

Browse Earthcore’s selection of Garden Storage Solutions for keeping bins protected from the weather and pests, and to keep your garden looking nice