Interior Inspiration

Choosing the Right White

Choosing the right white is important as it can change the feel of a room. Warm Whites work best in South facing rooms and tend to suit traditional style homes while Cool Whites work better in contemporary style homes and in rooms facing north that get a lot of natural light.  

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Vanilla ColourVanilla Colour

Vanilla Candle W

Vianca ColourVianca Colour

Vianca W

Rural Estate ColorRural Estate Color

Rural Estate D

Cool Grey

Grey is a versatile colour that can be used in just about any home. Cool greys look chic and elegant in homes where light floods in or in a contemporary home. A dramatic charcoal looks great as a feature wall. Pair with a fresh cool white for windows and trim.

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Spire VSpire V

Spire W

White Wave WWhite Wave W

White Wave W

Grey Scale WGrey Scale W

Grey Scale W

Warm Grey

Warm greys are soft and relaxing and can add warmth to an otherwise cool space. Warm greys are cosy and inviting and are a perfect backdrop for colourful furnishings.

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Frozen Waterfall WFrozen Waterfall W

Frozen Waterfall W

White Night WWhite Night W

White Night W

Summer Peach WSummer Peach W

Summer Peach W

Living with Neutrals

Subtle neutral tones for interiors form the perfect backdrop for any style of furniture and work well with most colours. Neutrals work beautifully with light natural wood and stone. They look stunning with charcoal and black. Crisp white trims will keep the look fresh.

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Parisian Statue WParisian Statue W

Parisian Statue W

Vanilla Candle WVanilla Candle W

Vanilla Candle W

Sunset Orange EBSunset Orange EB

Sunset Orange EB


Pastels are soft, intimate and playful, they are great when teamed with either crisp whites or dark colours such as charcoal or navy. Keep it cosy, with layers of comfort through textures such as linen, wool and faux fur.

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Cherry Blush WCherry Blush W

Cherry Blush W

Coconut Syrup WCoconut Syrup W

Coconut Syrup W

Tempting Aqua WTempting Aqua W

Tempting Aqua W

Be Bold

Bold and bright colours evoke a sense of cheerfulness. Pair a bold colour with neutral tones and include fresh greenery and white accents to help ground the space. Fresh blues and warm greens create a lively yet calming space.

Accent Interior PaintAccent Interior Paint
Havana Tan DHavana Tan D

Havana Tan D

Urban Myth EBUrban Myth EB

Urban Myth EB

Noble White WNoble White W

Noble White W