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How to prep previously painted walls

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Dulux Products

Explore the range of Dulux paints and accessories to refresh, protect or transform your space.

Dulux Wash&Wear ensures a durable, hard-wearing finish for the walls inside your home, keeping them looking freshly painted for longer.

Give your ceilings a fresh, flawless finish every time with Dulux ceiling paints.

Get the perfect look for your doors and windows with our hard wearing and chip resistant enamel paints.

Outside you need protection from the elements, which is why Dulux has specially designed our Weathershield range to be tough and robust, for maximum exterior protection.

Transforming your spaces has never been easier with our range of products that are perfect for painting surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Brilliant for adding some colour or revitalising an old space.

Be sure your next project will look its best and last longer with Dulux preparation products.

Make your space your own by adding extra colour and texture with the Dulux Design Effects Collection.

Whether you’re adding texture, need long lasting colour or the best finish for your home projects, Dulux high-performance spray paints have got you covered.

Getting the right colour for your painting project can be tough, but with our range of Dulux Sample Pots you can be sure to find the perfect colour.

Colours & Colour Advice

We can help you find the perfect Dulux colour for your next painting project. Explore our most-loved colour palettes for indoor and outdoor use.


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