Holman designs products that make gardening smarter, easier and more enjoyable. Specialising in irrigation, plumbing, garden products and lighting, We maintain a commitment to providing innovative and long-lasting products. We're a proud family owned Australian business.


Holman Plumbing

Holman Plumbing is a proud, family-owned Australian manufacturing business with large moulding facilities in Perth and Brisbane and a significant fabrication facility at Stapylton. We are fully committed to Australian manufacturing and strive to deliver high-quality plumbing fittings to the Australian market.  We continue to grow and invest in our range and capacity in Australian made products. We a comprehensive range of quality and WaterMark approved fittings manufactured to Australian and New Zealand.

As a full range plumbing supplier, our R&D and design teams are passionate about providing clever solutions to enhance our range.
We offer a comprehensive range of quality and WaterMark approved fittings manufactured to Australian and New Zealand standards. In addition to our standard range, we offer a wide range of moulded and fabricated fittings, ranging from 150 – 375mm sizes.

Holman, For the #SMARTGARDENER

Weather Stations

Weather and climate affect us in many ways. Weather Stations can help anyone get to know the weather in their backyard.

For essential monitoring of your garden, look no further than our range of Weather Stations. Need help setting up your Weather Station?


Watering Cans

Holman Watering Cans are available in multiple colourways and sizes to suit any kind of garden. From 1.8L for small garden and patios, to our 9L for larger gardens and veggie patches. Featuring two handles for easy balance and pouring, the durable metal construction has been designed to suit the harsh Australian conditions.

Tips from Holman Industries

How to make a Frog Hotel

The new emerging trend of frog hotels are becoming more popular across Australia, specifically in Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney, where we are seeing a decreased population of tree frogs. By building a Frog Hotel, we are able to give them a better chance of survival with temporary homes.

How to Build your own DIY Bee Hotel

Australia is home to more than 1,600 species of native bees, the majority of which are solitary. Unlike honeybees, solitary bees build their own nests, but they also appreciate man-made bee hotels. These hotels mimic a stack of reeds or plant stems that a bee might find in the wild.

8 Tips for Successful Gardening in Summer

Keeping your garden happy in summer isn’t always an easy task. Whilst saving water, we all want to keep our gardens thriving throughout the warmer weather! Read below through our top summer gardening tips and our favourite water-saving products.