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Whatever your project, Jack’s got you sorted! Our products are strong, easy to use, and can help you create blooming beautiful outdoor spaces. Plus, they don’t cost the Earth.

Are you looking for strong, affordable wire fencing for your garden, property or acreage? Our wire fencing solutions have kept properties, kids, pets and livestock safe for decades. From steel posts to mesh, netting and wire coils, there’s a reason we earned a reputation as the ‘Wire Specialists’!

Ready to create your alfresco vision? Whether you want to install retaining walls, add landscaping pebbles, put up decorative screens poolside or block nosey neighbours, check out our range of winning landscaping and garden design products.

Grab those gloves and start creating a lush outdoor space bursting with colour – or a vegie garden ripe with tasty goodness! We’ve got everything your green fingers need to boost your plant growing efforts and help your yard bloom, from decorative plant trainers and eco-friendly plant ties to tomato cages and plant-friendly protection.

Add green or florals to your alfresco spaces with our big range of plant pots and hanging baskets. Plus, protect your surfaces and move heavy pots easily with our selection of plant stands and trolleys.

From effective and fire-resistant gutter guards to tarps of all sizes and protective pads and foams to stop surfaces from getting scratched, our range of easy-to-use and pro-active products help you keep your castle and outdoor property in mint condition.

Designed to make life easier and infused with 50 years of Aussie market knowledge, just grab what you need and the job’s a good one.

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Whether you want to build a garden bed, prevent soil erosion, improve drainage, and add some character to your yard, our Aussie-designed Retain-iT© wall posts are really something! Simply drop in some natural timber sleepers for a strong, long-lasting, and beautiful natural barrier. Build it tall or just add a layer or two; it’s up to you!

Want to create a beautiful potted display or protect your outdoor surfaces from water and soil damage? Our popular range of Garden Up© plant and pot stands are the biz. From no-stain pot risers to tiered stands that look fabulous and save space, we’ve got a wide range of strong, affordable and uplifting products to choose from.

Create a cosy garden nook to sit back and relax in, or keep your neighbour’s noses in check! Our range of Jack garden screens are strong, easy to assemble and stay standing for years. Choose Screen Up© natural timber or opt for some Oxy-Shield® rust panels to add some earthy edge to your pool area or courtyard.

Add modern style, & rich natural tones to your outdoors. Oxy-Shield is a specially formulated landscaping steel designed to impart a decorative rust-look without the inherent degradation of regular steel. Rich earthy tones and a rustic patina are sympathetic to both traditional and contemporary gardens. With similar properties to stainless steel, OXY-Shield will oxidise and form a surface coating that is resistant to corrosion and flaking.

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Build a Garden Path with Oxy-Shield© Edging

Build Your Own Privacy Screen

Plant What You Want, Where You Like

Build a Raised Garden Bed with Retain-It