Modern Homes Forecast 2024

Through extensive research, James Hardie has deciphered the direction of Australian home design, empowering homeowners to articulate their desires and assist trade professionals in delivering dream modern homes without compromise. Discover the seven Modern Homes designed to suit your modern life.

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Modern Farmhouse

Grand. Classic. Cohesive. 

The Modern Farmhouse achieves a harmonious blend of traditional design and contemporary elements, drawing inspiration from classic architecture. It emphasises clean lines, open spaces, and materiality.

Modern Heritage

Elevated. Reimagined. Defined.

This architectural style revitalises traditional homes through a delicate balance of sensitive restoration and bold renovation, with a defining element of contrast.

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Box Modern

Bold. Contemporary. Precise. 

Characterised by large blocks or cube-shaped volumes, the Box Modern style creates captivating, contemporary residences through stacked, intersecting, or arranged structures.


Zen. Minimalist. Ambient.

Japandi merges the finest aspects of Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, resulting in a hybrid architectural style that embodies simplicity and elegance.

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Simple. Versatile. Inviting. 

Taking cues from Nordic minimalism, Barn homes exude warmth, craftsmanship in natural materials, and a strong connection with nature

Modern Coastal

Open. Airy. Light-filled. 

Reflecting Australia's relaxed beach heritage, Modern Coastal style reinterprets traditional coastal design with its laid-back spaces, modern minimalism, and crisp white weatherboards.

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Mid Century Modern

Functional. Nostalgic. Effortlessly Cool.

Experiencing a significant resurgence, Mid-Century Modern emphasises practicality and functionality. Reimagined for the 21st-century, this style blends contemporary minimalism with the spirit of Mid-Century Modern architecture.