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Who we are

Aussie-established, Mont Marte has brought creativity to everyday Australians for 20 years. Enabling and empowering everyone to explore their creativity is what we do. Art is fun, it’s freeing, and it should come naturally to everyone. With hundreds of free art tutorials and over 1300 creative products available in Australia, ‘I can create’ is now something everyone can believe.

Creative tools

Find your fave way to create! We've got loads of tools, supplies, and accessories to suit your interests so you can express yourself, your way.

Give it a whirl!

Play, paint, scribble, and make with affordable art supplies. Find the right surface to create on and medium to create with, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Bring a splash of colour to your life! Explore painting with loads of different mediums, including acrylics, oils, watercolours, poster paints, and more.

Set yourself up to create on quality canvas – your artwork deserves a surface you can count on!

Discover the right brush, medium, or creative accessory for you.

Carve and create with clay. It’s a super malleable medium so you can bring your imagination to life with your own two hands

Explore our range of pencils, pens, and markers to find the best tool to express yourself.

Bring all your wild, witty, and wonderful ideas to life and commit them to the page.

DIY décor

Make your own interior décor, whether it’s trending wall art or chic sculpture. Upcycle instead of wasting by adding a fresh design to a forgotten plant pot or painting your plain white sneakers with a fun pattern. Make your home feel like yours.

Personalised plant pots

Grab some acrylic paint pens and paint to upcycle terracotta pots! Now you can match them to your home’s colour scheme, so everything feels on brand with your style!

Cute clay lamps

Air dry clay is your new friend for this nifty clay lamp craft! Once you’ve rolled a level sheet, just cut out shapes, seal the joints, and let dry – nice and easy. Watch the video to see more!

Keep the kids creative

Help your little artist express themselves and unleash their imagination through a world of colour! Dive into creating together through sculpting, painting, and crafting with loads of affordable tools and free lessons online to explore. Don’t forget, kids’ projects aren’t just child’s play – it’s a blast for grown-ups too!

Help your mini make like Monet!

Monet’s Bridge Over Water Lilies isn’t just for adults – kids can have a go too! Follow along with our tutorial video for a fun and easy painting project fit for a little artist you know.

Get inspired with our free art projects

Find the art answers and inspo you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re starting your first creative project or working on your 100th, we’ve got plenty of great projects, how-tos, ideas, and facts for you to check out and give a try.

Create an organic shape painting

Follow along with The Artful Grimmer to paint this modern, organic shape design. You can change up the colours to suit your vibe for DIY wall art!

Create a tropical abstract landscape painting

Take yourself on holiday by painting this warm tropical landscape with us. Artist Kylie Jane will show you how to create this artwork, step-by-step so you can follow along with ease.

Create a monstera leaf bowl

DIY a leafy centrepiece for your table that will have guests talking. This Monstera-inspired project is a great way to add a natural touch to your decor!

How to paint a phone case

Can’t find the perfect phone case to match your aesthetic? Make your own! We’ll show you how to do it using paint pens and acrylics.

Easy dino paintings with watercolour

Try painting these adorable dino characters with a little artist you know! The simple style is great for beginners so anyone can have a go. Change the colours to put your own spin on it!

Create easy air dry clay animals

Grab the air dry clay to make some cute critters. From hippos to bears, we’ve got loads of cute ideas you can try out at home. This is a fun afterschool activity to keep the kids entertained and work their fine motor skills.