BBQ Covers

Owning a good, sturdy BBQ to entertain all the family and friends around is the Australian dream. But investing in a BBQ can cost you a lot of money, so it makes sense to get a cover to go with it. Even if your BBQ has a built in hood, you need to give it the best chance at lasting for as long as possible. A proper BBQ cover will provide protection from the elements such as rain, dust, sunlight, and hail, which can cause long-lasting irreversible damage. Rust is a big problem for BBQs that spend those colder months not being used constantly, especially if it lives outside and not undercover. If the BBQ is in direct sunlight all day every day, this can cause the special paint to chip and fade.

Protect your equipment with a BBQ cover

For those BBQs without a built-in hood, it’s essential to protect the grill part of the BBQ at the very least. Exposure to dirt can damage the surface and if it isn’t cleaned properly, it can contaminate the food that you’re planning to cook. Another argument for purchasing a good BBQ cover is to protect the grill from those pesky critters that may be attracted to the smell of leftover BBQ oil. Animals and insects will be deterred from investigating your BBQ if you have a good cover to protect it. At Home Hardware, we’ve got you covered - literally - with BBQ covers that are designed to fit perfectly well over your Coolabah BBQ, Weber BBQ and more.

All your BBQ needs under one roof

Whether you like to cook over coals on a Weber, a monster four burner BBQ or a compact and convenient portable BBQ, you need a BBQ cover. Check out our range of natural gas Weber Qs and covers for all types of BBQs online today.