Special Orders

If you don't see what you want we'll get it for you.......... fast!

At Home Hardware we always carry a wide range of products in stock, but there may be an occasion where you won't find what you are looking for - the product you want may no longer be available; or a product that we have in stock is not exactly what you are looking for. When this happens, we are happy to try to find a product or an alternative that will meet your needs for a comparable price.

If you already have information about a product, but find the item is not stocked in the store, ask one of our friendly staff if the product can be ordered. The more information you have about the product (manufacturer, model name, etc.), the easier it will be to locate the item.
Once we have found a supplier for the product, we will call you and tell you exactly how much the product will cost and how long it will take to get here. If you are happy, we will order the product for you.

When your item(s) arrives at the store, one of our stall members will phone and let you know your order is available for pick up or delivery.

In order to prevent errors and mistakes:

  • A deposit is required at the time of order. The balance will be due upon delivery.
  • Returns of Special Order merchandise for reasons other than defects are not guaranteed, and may not be accepted without a return charge.
  • Please plan for an adequate lead time from the manufacturer when placing special orders.
  • We can and do expedite orders, but manufacturer supply times are many times completely beyond our control.