Get crafty with your kids and perfect your families outdoor area

Get crafty with your kids and perfect your families outdoor area

On a sunny day over the Easter break, there’s not much better than spending time with family and giving the kids a fun, creative and challenging activity to occupy their time. Our activity in mind? Painting the trusty cubby house and kiddie picnic table, of course! With our top-notch painting tips and suggestions you’re guaranteed a spruced up back garden and a lot of fun along the way. So, grab a brush and let’s get started!

Don’t have a cubby or a picnic table and think you’re going to miss out on all the fun? Well, not so fast. Head into store and pick yourself up an Easter challenge in the shape of a Blueberry Hill Kids Timber Cubby House or a Blueberry Hill Kids Picnic Table with Plastic Tubs.

Set the plan of attack

Getting creative on a whim and making decisions on ground zero from the seat of your pants sounds like a good idea. But in action, you’ll realise that you really should have planned ahead and not wasted so much bloody paint on that dragon that you were sure you could paint on a moment's notice. So, think ahead and pick up the colours and patterns that are going to impress and make everybody proud of their efforts. Go online and get inspired by Pinterest, then come in store and we’ll help you make your vision a reality.

Pick your paint

The paint you choose matters, so it’s important to give it some real thought. The best paint for outdoor use has to be able to withstand UV rays so it won’t fade in the sun, as well as being healthy for you and the environment. We recommend using Accent® Multi Prep as it’s weather-resistant and non-toxic, water-based paint that won’t hurt the environment.

Prep your surface

Before you even think about dipping a brush in some paint, make sure the surface is clean and dry. If your wood is dirty, simply use a little bit of water on a rag to wash it away. Then dry it off and sand the surface if needed.

Good tradies use good tools

Make sure that you pick up some good quality brushes and rollers for that perfect, even finish. Right here at Mitre 10, we’ve got a range of great brushes that are so good, it’ll leave you thinking that your house needs a coat to catch up to your cubby!

Protect the paint job

Amazing! You’ve finished the job, well done! But now there’s one more thing to do. No, not
cracking a cold one, but to protect the paint to make sure your design sticks around for as long as possible. Simply apply a clear topcoat to protect the surface from scratches and UV rays.

In summary, there are a few steps to take to make sure that when you paint your cubby and picnic table lives on beautifully for many Easters to come. Starting from initial prep to protecting the paint job, it’s easy to do the job right, the first time. Ok, now you can crack that beer and why not fire up the Weber while you’re at it!